Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria

About the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria


What is the role of the Board?
The Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria is responsible for regulating licensed surveyors in Victoria, as a means of protecting and maintaining the integrity of Victoria's cadastre and property market. The Board sets and assesses competency standards for licensed surveyors, investigates the professional conduct of licensed surveyors and fosters the further professional education and training of licensed surveyors.
Who is on the Board?
Board members reflect a cross-section of the community including government, industry, academic and community representatives. 
How is the Board accountable?
The Board has considered good governance principles when implementing the Surveying Act 2004 and setting decision-making frameworks. The Board has adopted and adapted a number of corporate governance processes that were developed by the previous Board and the Department, including addressing the issue of Conflict of Interest. Governance and related justice and diligence structures have also been developed by the Board to meet requirements of specific functions. 
What is cadastral surveying?
In simple terms, cadastral surveying is concerned with defining boundaries of property. From a professional perspective, cadastral surveying involves interpreting and advising on boundary locations, on the status of land ownership, and on the rights, restrictions and interests in property; as well as the physical delineation of property boundaries and the recording of such information for use on plans and maps. 
Why do we need to register licensed surveyors?
Victoria's land tenure system is based on the Torrens system of land registration. It is largely through the regulation of licensed surveyors that government is able to effectively manage the risks to the property boundary system. Confidence in Victoria's property boundary system underpins a robust property market, which through property financing and transactions is a significant part of Victoria's wealth generation.     

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