Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria

Complaints Procedures


The Board is currently reviewing its complaints-handling framework. Existing policies and procedures will be updated as required.

Please be aware the Board has no jurisdiction over fees charged if your complaint is regarding fees. You may contact either Consulting Surveyors Victoria or the Institution of Surveyors Victoria to discuss complaints regarding fees.


How do I make complaint about a Licensed Surveyor?

If you want to make a complaint about a Licensed Surveyor it is advisable to contact the Executive Officer of the Board.  The Executive Officer will be able to discuss the complaint procedures with you.  You must complete a complaint form, attach any supporting material and send it to the Board. 


As a Licensed Surveyor, what do I need to know if a complaint is made against me?
The Board has established a complaints and disciplinary process to ensure a fair procedure that  promotes the highest standard of professional conduct for all licensed surveyors.  As a Licensed Surveyor you should be aware of the complaints procedure. 

What is the role of the Board in relation to complaints?
It is the Board's responsibility to investigate the professional conduct of Licensed Surveyors.  The Board has adopted a Policy on Handling Complaints to ensure fair, accountable and accessible complaints and disciplinary processes.


The Disciplinary Function of the SRBV (presentation by Dr Elizabeth Boros)


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