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Completing a Professional Training Agreement


The final stage of the Professional Training Agreement is the Professional Practice Examination, which involves an interview with a panel of Board Members.  Refer to the Guidelines for Examinations and Projects for more information on the interview.



The following points should be considered:

  • A graduate surveyor is not eligible to be examined in Professional Practice unless he/she has passed (or been exempt from) all projects/surveys and all competencies are considered to be satisfactory.  
  • A FORM 4 - Completion of PTA (Part or Full) must be submitted by the Supervising Surveyor to indicate that the Professional Training Agreement has been fully completed and the graduate surveyor has the necessary competencies to be examined in Professional Practice. 
  • A FORM 5 - Application for Examination and the prescribed fee must be submitted to the Board, upon which the Executive Officer will arrange an interview date. 
  • Two written letters of references must be sent to the Board two weeks prior to the interview.  Letters of reference shall attest to the character of the Graduate Surveyor.  Referees shall have known the Graduate Surveyor for a minimum of 5 years, and be in a position of authority or competence or otherwise in good standing in the community, as indicated in the letter of reference.  Referees shall not include the Graduate Surveyor's immediate family, employers or persons working directly under the Graduate Surveyor's authority.  References will not be accepted without full contact details of the referee, and should be presented on letterhead if possible.
  • The graduate surveyor’s previously passed Cadastral Law, Urban Cadastral and Rural Cadastral Projects PLUS the unexamined Professional Assessment Project must be returned to the Board when making application for the Professional Practice Interview, but no later than two weeks prior to the interview. 
  • The Supervising Surveyor is welcome to, but not required to attend the Professional Practice Interview in person.  However, the Board may contact the Supervising Surveyor by telephone prior to the interview for comment on the extent and success of the training program.


Registration and Conferral Ceremony


The Surveying Act 2004 requires a person to apply for registration as a Licensed Surveyor with the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria.  As the Professional Practice Examination (interview) is the final stage for someone undertaking a PTA, a graduate surveyor usually submits an application for registration as a Licensed Surveyor (which will be subject to their passing of the Professional Practice Examination) at the same time or shortly after submitting their application for examination in Professional Practice.

  • FORM 1 - Application for Registration
  • Ceremonies to confer registration are usually held once a year and are attended by newly registered Licensed Surveyors, their families, Supervising Surveyors and eminent members of the profession.  The Board will notify all newly registered Licensed Surveyors of the date of the Conferral Ceremony at which they will be presented with a certificate of registration.


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