Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria

Becoming Registered

  • Why become a licensed surveyor?
    Read more to see how a career as a Licensed Surveyor is a varied and rewarding one. 
  • How do I become registered as a licensed surveyor?
    To qualify for registration as a Licensed Surveyor you will need to complete an approved course of study, undertake practical training under supervision and pass the Board examinations. 
  • What do I need to know about professional training agreements?
    A Professional Training Agreement (PTA) is a formal agreement that documents a structured training program for a graduate surveyor to achieve all the competency levels required by the Board for registration as a Licensed Surveyor. 
  • How do I find a supervisor?
    A graduate surveyor needs a Licensed Surveyor to be his/her Supervising Surveyor.  A Supervising Surveyor must have been registered in Victoria for at least 3 years and cannot have more than 2 concurrent Professional Training Agreements.
  • What are the examination and registration fees?
    All Licensed Surveyors are required to pay registration fees.  There is no fee for registering a Professional Training Agreement with the Board.  Fees apply for written and oral examinations.  The current fees are set out in the Surveying (Registration Fees) Regulations 2015
  • I am from outside Victoria, how can I gain registration in Victoria?
    If you are registered as a Licensed Surveyor in another jurisdiction (national or international).  Surveyors from another Australian State/Territory or New Zealand may apply for reciprocal registration in Victoria under the provisions of the Mutual Recognition Act 1992.  Overseas surveyors must have their tertiary qualifications assessed by the Bureau for Assessment of Overseas Qualifications (BAOQ) to determine their eligibility to enter into a Professional Training Agreement. 
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