Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria

Why Become a Licensed Surveyor?


A Licensed Surveyor (also referred to as a cadastral surveyor) is the only person legally authorised to perform cadastral surveying in Victoria.


Cadastral surveying offers many benefits to those who choose it as a career.  As well as acquiring knowledge of the laws and procedures relating to land ownership and development, Licensed Surveyors are required to practically apply those laws to delineate property boundaries on the ground.  This means for some of the time (or most of the time if you are that way inclined) working in the great outdoors in various locations.  Some say cadastral surveying provides the perfect balance of office and field work.


Not only is there the opportunity for travel, the work can be diverse in nature ranging from simply re-establishing a boundary so that it can be fenced to involvement with large developments of the natural or built environment.  Often Licensed Surveyors manage entire development projects from design though to approval and construction, working in partnership with other professionals such as planners, engineers and architects.


The use of electronic measurement technology such as Total Stations (that measure angles and distances electronically) and GPS (that measures positions) makes the fieldwork component of cadastral surveying quick and efficient.  The use of the latest measurement technology demands Licensed Surveyors to have an understanding of how it works and to have skills in data management and manipulation to achieve a final product, usually a plan, for the client.


Demand for Licensed Surveyors is strong due to the current high level of property development, and will continue to be strong due to the ever-present need to define boundaries when land is subdivided, bought or sold. 


Contact the Surveying Task Force to find out more about surveying ... a life without limits.


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