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Check if a Surveyor is Registered


The Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria maintains a Register of Licensed Surveyors in accordance with Section 15 of the Surveying Act 2004.  The Register may be inspected without charge at the office of the Board by any person during ordinary office hours. 
Only Licensed Surveyors are legally entitled to perform land and property boundary surveys.
The purpose of the Register of Licensed Surveyors is to assist in confirming that the person undertaking your property survey or advising on property rights is qualified to do so. Any concerns about the information contained in the Register should be directed to the Executive Officer of the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria.   


If you have found a Licensed Surveyor and you want to check that he or she is registered, you can check the Register of Licensed Surveyors.  An abridged version of the Register is provided below.  As a minimum, the Register displays only the name, registration number and registration status of each Licensed Surveyor who is currently registered.   All Victorian Licensed Surveyors have the option of displaying their business name and/or contact details and/or educational qualifications on the public on-line Register of Licensed Surveyors.  Please check the 'More Info' column on the Register to see if a surveyor has made his/her details publicly available. 


Currently, a Licensed Surveyor' s registration status may be shown as follows:


  • PRACTISING - Practising surveyors are authorised to undertake cadastral surveys.
  • NON-PRACTISING - Non-practising surveyors are not authorised to undertake cadastral surveys.
  • SUSPENDED - Surveyors whose registration is suspended as a result of disciplinary action imposed by the Board.
  • EXPIRED - Surveyors whose registration expired on 31 December and may be renewed by 31 March.  
Note: Practising surveyors with "expired" status are still authorised to undertake cadastral surveys until 31 March.  Their registration status will be changed to "PRACTISING" upon payment of their renewal of registration fee (provided that payment is made by 31 March) and if the Board is satisfied that they have met their Further Professional Education or Training (FPET) obligations for the preceding year.

Please note that these are abridged versions of the Register and subject to change at short notice. Please contact the Secretariat to confirm the current registration status of a surveyor.


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