Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria

Becoming an Examiner


The Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria uses the services of Licensed Surveyors to examine the projects and surveys submitted by graduate surveyors under Professional Training Agreements.  It is through the profession's involvement in the Professional Training Agreement process that the Board is able to ensure the sustainability of the profession.


The Board-appointed examiners assess the projects and surveys (Cadastral Law Projects, Rural and Urban Cadastral Surveys) for compliance with regulations and cadastral surveying best practice.  Guidelines, checklists and samples are available to the examiners to assist their assessment.  To maintain consistency in standards, all examiners’ reports are perused by a nominated Board member (moderator) to confirm the examiner recommendations and ensure consistency of marking across the project or survey topic. 


As an incentive for Licensed Surveyors to become examiners and to provide an efficient system, the Board has determined that:

  • examiners will be awarded 3 Cadastral Survey Practice FPET points per project or survey examined, with a maximum of 6 points in each FPET period.
  • examinations are to be completed within 2 to 4 weeks, with written examination reports to be supplied. 
  • if projects or surveys are requisitioned by the examiner, he/she is required to re-examine the corrected project or survey.
  • there is a payment of $1000.00 for the initial examination of each project or survey (re-examinations do not attract payment). 
  • communication is imperative between the examiner and moderator to ensure that reports are consistent to ensure graduate surveyors obtain the appropriate information regarding their projects or surveys.

Please contact the Board if you wish to become an examiner of projects or surveys. 



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