Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria

Registration Fees for 2024-25


The fees payable to the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria are expressed in fee units and are subject to the annual automatic indexation of the amount of a fee unit by the Treasurer's rate. The Treasurer has set the value of a fee unit at $16.33.  The table below sets out the current fees charged by the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria, effective 1 July 2024.


Please note that pro-rata registration fees are charged for surveyors obtaining initial registration. Contact the Secretariat for more information.


Registration Fees


Initial Application for Registration [Sec.4(2)(d)] - 4.28 fee units


Initial Registration [Sec.6(1)] - 15.4 fee units


Annual Renewal of Registration [Sec.7(1)] for Practising Surveyors - 15.4 fee units


Annual Renewal of Registration [Sec.7(1)] for Non-Practising Surveyors - 4.28 fee units


Late Renewal of Registration (within 3 months - additional fee) [Sec.7(2)] - 4.28 fee units


Restoration of Registration (within 2 years) [Sec.12] - 15.4 fee units


Certificate of Registration


Initial Certificate - 4.28 fee units


Replacement Certificate - 4.28 fee units


Letter of Accreditation - 4.28 fee units


Extracts/copies from the Register


Extract of Individual Surveyors Details [Sec.15(3)] - 1.71 fee units


Copy of All Surveyors Details [Sec.15(3)] - 17.11 fee units


Examination Fees


Each Written Exam (ie. Urban Cadastral Project, Rural Cadastral Project, Cadastral Law Project) - 15.4 fee units


Each Oral Exam (ie. Professional Practice Interview) - 12.83 fee units


NOTE: All fees are exempt from GST. 

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