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Lodge a PTA Application


An application to enter into a Professional Training Agreement (PTA) may be lodged by completing this online form or downloading the PTA Application and emailing it to the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria when completed.  Note that the signed competency modules must accompany the PTA application.  Graduate Surveyors and their Supervising Surveyors are encouraged to read the PTA Guidelines before lodging a PTA application.

For a PTA to be considered at the next meeting of the Board, your application must be lodged at least two weeks before the next scheduled meeting.

Please use the PTA Checklist to ensure that all relevant information is included in your application to prevent delays in the processing of your application.  Note that there are also separate checklists that must be completed by the Graduate Surveyor and Supervising Surveyor.  These checklists must be submitted as part of the PTA application.



Downloadable Resources


PTA Application
PTA Competency Modules

PTA Checklist  PTA Checklist for Graduate Surveyors
 PTA Checklist for Supervising Surveyors

Professional Training Agreement Application Form
First name
Last name
Email address
Mailing Address
Home Address
Business Address (optional)
Year of Graduation
Tertiary Qualification
Tertiary Institution
Supervising surveyor
Other PTA candidates currently supervised by the selected surveyor (enter up to 2 names)
File submissions (PDF file format preferred)
Certificate signed by Graduate Surveyor and Supervising Surveyor
Competency modules (signed and dated)
Degree certificate, including statement of academic results
Graduate Surveyor CV
Supervising Surveyor CV
Company Profile
Other supporting document (eg. cover letter)
My Supervising Surveyor and I have certified this PTA and we agree to the terms and conditions

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