Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria

Major Projects

Updates and general information about the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria’s major projects will be provided on this page.

July 2021 – Licensing Review
The Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria (SRBV) has initiated a once-in-a-generation review of how licensed surveyors are registered in Victoria. The Board has engaged an independent consultant to review its policies and processes for licensing surveyors in Victoria.
The consultant will facilitate stakeholder engagement, inviting licensed surveyors and industry stakeholders to have their say in a two-stage consultation process.
They will meet with SRBV members, Project Advisory Committee, the Institution of Surveyors Victoria, Consulting Surveyors Victoria, Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute, Spatial Industry Business Association and Geospatial Information & Technology Association ANZ, Surveyor-General Victoria and other jurisdiction surveying boards. This engagement will help inform the development of an issues paper that will be prepared as part of the consultation process. The paper will be released for broader consultation, with a six-week period open for written submissions.
A final recommendations report with key findings will be provided to the SRBV. The project is expected to be completed by December 2021.
The review will help improve existing processes, without compromising competency, and ensure Victoria has a sustainable surveying workforce to support property and infrastructure development throughout the State.
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