Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria

Why Do I Need a Supervising Surveyor?


A graduate surveyor needs a Supervising Surveyor for the duration of their Professional Training Agreement.  A Supervising Surveyor must be a Licensed Surveyor who has been registered in Victoria for at least 3 years and cannot have more than 2 concurrent Professional Training Agreements. 


A Supervising Surveyor will:

  • develop a suitable Professional Training Agreement in conjunction with the graduate surveyor
  • provide supervision, leadership and tutoring
  • review and provide guidance to the graduate surveyor on all projects/surveys prior to submission to the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria
  • report to the Board about the graduate surveyor during the Professional Training Agreement (through the provision of biannual reports) and at the completion of the Agreement.

A graduate surveyor needs to obtain agreement from a Licensed Surveyor who is willing to be his/her Supervising Surveyor within the surveying business where the graduate surveyor is employed, be that a firm of consulting surveyors or a government body. 


If a Supervising Surveyor is unable to provide for all the elements of the PTA, the Board encourages the utilisation of secondments to other professional survey firms or bodies to gain training in those elements. 

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