Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria

Prosecution of Offence against the Surveying Act 2004: Bernard Balic


On 18 December 2012, an unlicensed surveyor, Mr Bernard Balic, pleaded guilty to three charges relating to him performing a cadastral survey, without being registered as a licensed surveyor in Victoria.
The survey was conducted in Montmorency to enable the erection of a new fence along the boundary between two properties.  The survey marks placed by Mr Balic were found to inaccurately represent the boundary when the adjoining owners engaged a licensed surveyor to resurvey the boundary.
Following notification of the unauthorised survey to the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria, the Board engaged an investigator and subsequently prosecuted the offences under the Surveying Act 2004, which stipulates that cadastral surveys must be conducted or supervised by licensed surveyors.


Mr Balic was fined without conviction and ordered to pay substantial costs.

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