Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria

Prosecution of Offences against the Surveying Act 2004: Ashley Stacey


The Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria has taken action against Ashley Stacey for carrying out works in connection with a cadastral survey, without registration as a licensed surveyor, in contravention of s 37 (3) of the Surveying Act 2004.


On 13 December 2022, Mr Stacey admitted responsibility for the preparation of two plans of survey which improperly stated that the plans were certified by a licensed surveyor when they had not been.


Mr Stacey has entered into a Diversion Plan in the Ringwood Magistrates’ Court which requires him to make a charitable donation and issue an apology to the licensed surveyor whose name was used on the plans. Additionally, Mr Stacey is required to pay the Board’s costs.

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